Today, it isn't enough to offer a one-time leadership training event.

Leadership development must be ongoing and organic, flowing from the very culture of the campus or organization.

Growing Leaders provides innovative programs designed to continually cultivate a thriving leadership environment.
A sample of some of the programs offered include:

  • Habitudes for Athletes
    A unique leadership training program specifically geared for high school, college and professional athletes to prepare them for excellence in both their sport and life after school.

  • Habitudes First-Year Experience
    Innovative curriculum to use in First Year Experience Programs for students.

  • Habitudes Leadership Survey Course
    A three-credit college course based on the Habitudes series.

  • Leadership2Go
    A monthly online mentoring community that equips you to lead the next generation well.

  • Flourish
    Helping students discover their life purpose.

"Habitudes is the most excellent program for first year students and beyond. It is a program that encourages and teaches deeper thinking and dialogue."
Sharon Taylor - St. Martin's University

"Habitudes was the most effective curriculum I have ever experienced!" 
Lauren Ontiveros - Student