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In Other Words

In this free eBook, we share the research behind teaching and learning through images.

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Managing the Toughest Generation

We want to help business leaders and employers bridge the generational diversity chasm by learning how to leverage and maximize the strengths of each team member, especially those newly entering the workforce.

We think this eBook can help.

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Three Huge Mistakes We Make Leading Kids…and How to Correct Them

In this article, Tim Elmore examines three huge mistakes we make leading kids and offers eight practical solutions

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52 Leadership Ideas You Can Use With Students

This eBook provides creative, yet inexpensive projects, you can complete with your students to learn and apply leadership in those areas. Each idea includes a discussion point to think through afterward. Additionally, the PDF file was designed for students of all ages and the discussion after each project changes as students mature.

Tim blogs 3 times a week about leading the next generation. You can choose whether you want to receive daily updates or a weekly digest. You can always unsubscribe or change your delivery preference later. After you confirm your subscription, you’ll be sent a link to download this FREE resource.

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The Growing Leaders podcast publishes new episodes every 3 weeks. Each episode is focused on leading the next generation.

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Preview of A Manifesto for Growing Leaders on Your Campus

Today, it isn’t enough for schools to create a one-time leadership training event or program. It’s insufficient to host a conference for leaders in the fall and hope that students will remain equipped and motivated to carry out their leadership positions during that school year. In reality, we’re not sure if that ever worked. Leadership development must be organic, flowing from the very culture of the campus. A leadership bias must be in the DNA of the administration; it must be central to the organizational values and implemented in a plan that flows out of the lives of those nearest to the students.

This Manifesto is a flowing conversation with Tim Elmore where he lays out foundations for healthy leader development among emerging leaders. In addition, Tim furnishes ideas for leader training that results in real life-change—organic rather than programmatic—and provides steps for cultivating a leadership culture on your campus or in your organization.

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Marks of Maturity

The Marks of Maturity outlines the 7 signs that a child is maturing properly. It is one of Tim’s most requested articles.

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Communication Assessment

Do you know your communications strengths and weaknesses? Take this quick 5-minute assessment to find out now.

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Geared especially for student leaders, these articles contain practical tips for leading meetings, communicating a vision, choosing priorities, dealing with difficult peers, bossing your calendar, effective planning and more.

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