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What’s at the Root of All Young Leader Development?

One of the crying needs of our day is young leader development to equip our youth to lead the way into the future.  Certainly we must teach them to be followers first—but there is a great need for leadership development as they graduate and enter their careers.

So what is at the root of true young leader development?

It is the shift of responsibility.

From one generation to the next.

Taking place over time.

I believe training doesn’t really take effect until there is a transfer of responsibility (click to tweet). We can teach all day, show videos, play instructive games and do assessments, but until we actually give them responsibility—we have not really built a leader.

young leader development

photo credit: Sam Beebe, Ecotrust via photo pin cc

If you know me, you recognize I am a fan of teaching, videos, experiential learning and assessments. Those are all tools we can employ to prepare young leaders. But, alas, they are controlled environments. They simulate leader training, but cannot finish the job, anymore than reading books about weightlifting, observing a fitness center or watching videos of strong guys cannot ultimately build our own muscles. We have to go lift the weights ourselves.

When we do pass on responsibility, suddenly, all the lectures, experiences and testing are relevant.

So—how are you doing at actually giving responsibility to your students? Are you intentional about doing it, over time, as you practice young leader development?

What’s at the Root of All Young Leader Development?