You Never Know What May Result From a Mentoring Relationship

Every week, I try to introduce a young person who surprised everyone around them by setting a goal and leading the way in reaching it. Sometimes you just never know what can happen when you meet such a person and invest in them.

Back in 1995, a graduate student at Stanford University, Sergey Brin, stumbled upon a younger prospective student, Larry Page. Both were smart. You don’t get into Stanford unless you are. But Larry was stubborn and Sergey wasn’t sure he could handle this brash young guy, but he if he agreed to spend time with him, he could provide some guidance and counsel for Larry.

Sergey, however, decided to see Larry’s strong will as a good thing. His mind and will would either be his worst enemy or his greatest asset. Sergey was determined he would help Larry make it an asset. The cost was friction — the two of them had hard conversations and disagreed on many things. Still, Sergey challenged the young student and encouraged him to not give up on his ideas. Larry and Sergey found themselves talking about one idea in particular. They were creating a search engine named, “Back Rub.” The idea lubricated the friction these two guys experienced. It was big enough to overshadow the difficult conversations.

You and I can both celebrate this fact. Two years later, Larry changed the name of his search engine to: Google. The rest is history.

You just never know who you may be talking to when you encounter a student. You never know how their life may fundamentally impact the lives of millions of others. If you will take the time to listen, be patient, encourage, help students navigate their gifts, and turn their potential into performance.

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Who are you investing in today?


You Never Know What May Result From a Mentoring Relationship