Write it down

Today’s blog is a guest post from Brenda Coomer, a leadership coach from Tulsa, OK. I hope you are as challenged by her words as I was!


I have a 13-year-old client (we’ll call her Amy) who had a life-altering event 2 years ago.  She was on vacation with her family, when their vehicle spun out of control into a head-on collision. They were on the highway going 75 mph.  Her life changed in an instant.

As we sat together the other day, she began sobbing.  Nothing was the same.  And from what it looked like, nothing was going to be the same again.  If I looked at the reality of her situation, and compared it to her past (her family seemed to be living the American dream at the time), it looked bleak.

Her dad, a pharmacist, suffered from brain injuries and lost his job.  He began acting out in violence, and lost his marriage.  Her mom suffered from a brain injury as well, and has memory loss.  The youngest sibling was diagnosed with cancer shortly after, and has had to endure extensive treatment and surgeries.  The family’s finances are drained and they’ve lost most everything they had.

Sitting across Amy, I suddenly remembered the old movie: 13 Going on 30.  In this movie, the 13-year-old girl desperately wanted to be grown up.  How often do we want to warp speed forward into a better life… the one we hoped and dreamt for?

Inspired, I grabbed some colorful paper and a pen and said, “Let’s write a letter to our older selves!  Imagine yourself 5 years from now… what would you say to yourself?  Or 10 years from now?”  Done with high school & so much possibility – that’s where Amy’s letter began.

So I ask you the same question.  What will your life look like 5 years from now?  10 years from now?  As a leader, having foresight is vital.  Keeping perspective, critical.

And I just read MY letter to my 5-year-older self.  I feel fresh hope and vision to keep running the race.


Brenda Coomer


Brenda is a member of the Growing Leaders Speakers Team. Click here to learn more about having Brenda speak at your next event!

Write it down