Would You Like to Be in My New Book?

I am finishing a new book that will be released next June. Would you like to be in it?

I am looking for great ideas from people like you who have done something that has helped prepare a young person for adulthood, for life or for leadership. Ideas could be anything like…

* A rule you came up with at home

* A project you asked them to take on

* A challenge they undertook

* An experience you staged for them

* An assignment you gave them

I plan to add a chapter in my new book, Artificial Maturity, that will be full of “best practices” from people like you around the world. Your creativity may just help tens of thousands of parents, teachers, youth pastors, coaches, and managers do a better job raising up this new generation to become healthy adults.

(P.S. – If I use your idea, I will give you a shout out).  :o)

Use the comment section below or email to [email protected]

Thanks a million,


Would You Like to Be in My New Book?