Why I Did It

Tomorrow, I will reach another milestone. I’m a bit emotional about it because this milestone touches my heart so deeply.

My twenty fifth book will be released tomorrow on Amazon. It is the result of two solid years of research and writing. I have been talking about it for four years (sorry for those of you who read my stuff daily), and have been processing the topic for even longer. The book is called, Generation iY: Our Last Chance to Save Their Future. In it I pose the tragic dilemma we’ve put our kids in today as well as the solutions for that dilemma.

In this blog, I wanted to open up to let you see what drove me to write this book. First, you should know I am a dad — I have two kids, Bethany (22) and Jonathan (18). I am also a teacher, trainer and leader, who started my career working with students in 1979.  For a decade now, I’ve been speaking on the Millennial generation, the kids born between 1984 and 2002. Like so many others, I was encouraged by the research ten years ago — teen pregnancy had dropped, crime was down, drug use was at its lowest in decades, and these kids planned on changing the world. But four years ago, I began to spot a trend. While working with over 2,000 schools, non-profits and churches, I noticed the teens and twenty-somethings were looking different. Technology, chemicals in their bodies (including prescription drugs), parenting styles, and our school systems had caused a change these kids. I began to call them iY (instead of Generation Y) because the students born since 1990 were different than their older brothers and sisters.

I knew I had to do something — and felt I should start with a book. I hope to sound an alarm to parents, coaches, employers, youth workers, teachers, and pastors across the nation. I wonder if others are seeing what I am seeing. We cannot simply parent and lead them the way we have in the past. Their world is different, and our styles must reflect that difference. Their emotional, relational and spiritual “muscles” have atrophied and must be developed if they are to make it in the world. I continue to see adulthood ambushing them.

The good news is: I still believe in these kids. My hope is this book is only the beginning of a solution. We’ve launched a micro-site for adults to sign on to help Generation iY. On that site, there is new content, articles, quizzes, and tips to be a mentor and guide for this emerging generation. I am hoping this will ignite adults everywhere to wake up and lead them well. The website is: http://www.SaveTheirFutureNow.com.

This may just be our last chance to save their future.


Why I Did It