What’s Does the Leader Development Process Look Like? (Part Two)

Yesterday, I wrote about the power of both “events” and “process” in the training of new leaders. Today, I will launch into just what that “process” (following the event) looks like.

So what is required in the leader development process? No doubt the process can take on many forms. No two may look alike. I believe, however, the essential elements are below.

1. Community Interaction
People need to interact. They learn as much through uploading as they do receiving a download of information from a leader. They learn best in social contexts. Engagement and ownership of the issue increase as students have the opportunity to push back and think out loud with a handful of others.

2. Relevant Resources
To insure the interaction doesn’t get hijacked into a black hole, resources are helpful to furnish direction and discovery. They are not a “god” but a guide. A resource could be a book, a podcast, a MP3 download, an article, a CD, or a DVD to stimulate thoughtful reflection and discussion on the topic.

3. Facilitated Exercise
This element stimulates members of the community by involving them in more than discussion. It invites other senses through role-playing, case studies, activities, or hypothetical situations. By engaging their imagination, these exercises awake the creative right brain.

I will continue this list of non-negotiables tomorrow.


What’s Does the Leader Development Process Look Like? (Part Two)