What You Should Know About Students Today

Let’s face it. Kids today are inundated with a myriad of voices coming at them, vying for their minds and hearts. Because many of those voices come from well-funded marketing campaigns, we who want to connect with young people often face a daunting task. Just how do we capture and hold their attention? How do we compete with VH1 and MTV — or for that matter, YouTube, MySpace, Facebook, or whatever new platform has been invented while I am writing this book?

The iY generation has so much “flash,” glitz and glamour available to them that they have developed a much more superficial set of life goals than earlier Millennials. According to USA Today, Jean Twenge relayed the results in a 2006 national survey of eighteen to twenty-five-year-olds found that their number one goal is to get rich (81 percent) and their number two goal is to get famous (51 percent).

This means that that those of us who believe we have something to say to this generation are in a tough dilemma. We need to remember that every time we stand in front of our own kids or a group of students, they are silently asking: Why should I listen to you? What do you have to offer me that’s different than the other options in my life?

How do you capture and hold the attention of students?


What You Should Know About Students Today