What Topics are Hot for You?

This year, I launched “Leadership2Go.” It’s an online leadership learning community for leaders everywhere who want to lead the next generation well.

As I lay plans for 2011, I want to improve the experience. We’ll have even better video segments, teaching notes, book assignments, assessments, and a community to converse with along the way.

I’d like you to participate in helping me be as relevant as possible.

What topics are on your mind? As a leader, what issues would you most like to learn about, and talk about and discuss with other leaders? If you were to join the Leadership2Go community, what would be the most attractive topics to you?

Please let me know. Reply now if you can. I will prepare for next year’s Leadership2Go over the next couple of months.

Thanks a million!

To see the current course, go to: www.Leadership2Go.com

What Topics are Hot for You?