What Does the Leader Development Process Look Like?

It’s not a new thought. People need more than “conferences” to grow and become effective. We’ve been saying for years now — people need both EVENTS and an on-going PROCESS following the event to experience life change. Events stimulate and motivate — but they’re not enough. After attending a training event, most people require an on-going journey; a community of relationships where the discussion expands. In the process, people continue to talk about and apply the truths that were introduced at the event. This is how good habits begin. Look at the value of both:

EVENTS                                              PROCESS

1. Encourage decisions                                     1. Encourages development
2. Motivate people                                            2. Matures people
3. A calendar issue                                             3. A consistency issue
4. Challenge people                                           4. Changes people
5. Becomes a catalyst                                        5. Becomes a culture
6. Usually is about a big group                     6. Usually is about a small group
7. Easy                                                                     7. Difficult

There is nothing wrong with events. I believe, however, that both students and adults require both events and process in order to grow. The younger an audience is, the more they need a process to be in place to foster growth. Further, the younger an audience is, the more concrete this process must be. It cannot be abstract or conceptual. The process must be specific and intentional. Sadly, for most students — this is a luxury. We whisk them off to the next concert, retreat, conference, or convention. We’re on to a new subject. This is why so few lasting changes happen after summer youth camp. It was a great event — but no process followed.

Over the next couple of days, I plan to blog about just what the “process” should look like.


What Does the Leader Development Process Look Like?