What Are You REALLY Thankful For?

I have been asking myself a question for years that I’d like to ask you.

How much do you have to believe something before you talk to someone about it?
Seriously.  That question is a great grid for determining how deeply you believe in an idea or a principle or a person.

Pause for a moment and think about it. You would likely never talk to a stranger downtown in a big city—unless you lost your child and can’t find them anywhere.  Suddenly, you’ll talk to anyone who will listen and help.

You probably wouldn’t talk to a person who lived in another neighborhood that you’ve never met, unless you saw their house on fire. Suddenly, it changes everything. You would gladly find a way to intrude and warn them.

The reason you would talk to those people is because you feel strongly about your child and about the safety of people. That is a conviction in your life. Convictions are deeper than ideas or opinions. They are strongly held beliefs that you take action for, and perhaps would even die for.

This Thanksgiving, instead of playing the game we tend to always play around the t dinner table before consuming the turkey (you know the one—what is one thing you are thankful for this year?), why not ask each other the question:

What have I been talking about recently that expresses my gratitude?

This way, you’ll find out what you are REALLY thankful for. Without thinking and saying the politically correct answer, just listen to yourself and each other, off the record. This is the way you discover true gratitude.

I am thankful for a number of things. My relationship with God. My passion for students. My family. The team at Growing Leaders. The importance of building healthy leaders.  So, I talk about them and I act.

What are you already talking about that you’re grateful for? How thankful are you? 


What Are You REALLY Thankful For?