Video Post: Interview with Coach Kris Hogan

A few weeks ago, a story made its way across America about a small, private school football team in Grapevine, Texas that did something very unusual. They were scheduled to play a juvenile detention center in football, Gainesville State School the next Friday. They knew that those young inmates would have no one cheering for them in the stands, no parents and no support. In fact, the juvenile prison had not won a game and had only scored once. So head coach Hogan sent an email out asking if half the parents and boosters for their school would sit on the opposite side of the field and root for their opponent.

The Friday night game was magic for those teens. Half the crowd sat on their side and rooted for them by name the entire game. And even though the inmates didn’t win, they scored twice and many wept at the end of the game, feeling such encouragement from moms and dads who attended.

I interviewed Coach Kris Hogan, from the Grapevine Faith Christian School and let him tell the story behind this move. Enjoy it here.

Interview with Coach Kris Hogan from Growing Leaders on Vimeo.

If you were inspired by the interview, check out the full story on YouTube.


Video Post: Interview with Coach Kris Hogan