The Whiteboard Sessions

On May 11, I will be speaking at the Whiteboard Sessions in Atlanta. My friend, Jason Young, is directing this year’s event. The Whiteboard Sessions is a unique event, so I talked to Jason recently to share more about this opportunity. Here’s the interview:

TIM: What made you decide to get into the conference business?

JASON: Conferences have been a part of shaping who I am. As a pastor working in the local church for 14 years, I have attended my share of conferences. Part of wanting to enter the business side of the conference world was a personal curiosity to see how I could provide a different experience for the everyday church leader. The drive for me is to equip influencers. I believe every leader has the opportunity to influence those they lead. What if a conference could help positively change the trajectory of one’s work and personal life?

TIM: What would be a win for you in this conference?

JASON: First, to fill 600 seats with hungry influencers. Second, that attendees identify one idea/strategy that could help them in their ministry. This gathering is a convergence of the right presenters, with the right message, with the needs of the influencers in mind, and in a safe environment where significant conversations and meaningful relationships can take root.

TIM: What’s unique about Whiteboard?

JASON: There are one day events. There are events with numerous presenters given long and short times to speak. There are affordable conferences. Why not allow all of these elements to converge on to one scene…the Whiteboard Sessions.

TIM: How did you choose your presenters?

JASON: We have worked hard to bring together a diverse group that have helped to shape their respective ministry or business. You will have a Lead Pastor to a CEO to a strategist at Google, Inc. on the same stage. Another element important to me, personally, is to identify young voices who have substantial content but a smaller platform. Our desire is to give them opportunity. You will meet some of them at this year’s gathering.

TIM: What guidance do you give the presenters?

JASON: We provide five “guiding rules” to all presenters: (1) Everyone hates a messy whiteboard – keep it simple (2) Respect the whiteboard space – share something new (3) Whiteboards without diagrams are boring – provide a visual (4) Whiteboard space is limited – focus on a single idea (5) Don’t get high on markers – stay within your time limit

TIM: Who should come to this conference?

JASON: Leaders in the church that find ideas and/or strategy necessary for Kingdom advancement. I have found after working in the local church that you’re either an idea or strategy guy. I want to bring both types together for conversation.

Register today to join me and several hundred leaders and strategists in what promises to be a thought-provoking and vision-stretching day. Use discount code ‘SAVE20’ to receive $20 off the $99 ticket.

The Whiteboard Sessions