The Power of Camp [infographic]

Today I want to share an infographic from my friends at Christian Camp and Conference Association. It’s the product of an initiative called The Power of Camp. These statistics, while alarming, are probably not a huge surprise to most parents and educators. It’s no secret that our society, including our children, are more connected than ever. I’m not against technology, but I do believe that healthy limits allow us to benefit from new developments and not be hindered by them.

A camp experience can be a critical moment of development for a child as they break their normal routine, take risks, form friendships and have a chance to enjoy being outside. They have time to disconnect from the noise of daily life and connect with counselors and peers. These may seem like simple things, but the fact that most teens lack them as part of their ordinary experience underscores the need all the more.

Check out this infographic:

The Power of Camp exists to raise awareness and esteem for camping.  Christian Camp and Conference Association also wants to raise money to help students go to camp, regardless of their ability to pay. The Power of Camp is an initiative of Christian Camp and Conference Association, an incredible organization that serves over 6 million students each year through its network of over 850 camps. For more information, visit The Power of Camp’s website or their Facebook Page.

What do you think is the most valuable aspect of a camp experience?

The Power of Camp [infographic]