The Power of a Community

I just spent the last two days of my life with “The Cohort.”

The Cohort is a mentoring community I launched this fall, made up of educational and business leaders from all over the country. Whether they are deans, or football coaches, headmasters or corporate executives—they all have something in common. They care about the next generation.

While this is an on-line learning community for most of our meetings this year, we met in Atlanta in person for a retreat to experience “community.” I am pouring whatever insights I have accumulated throughout my career into these leaders. I love these leaders already and look forward to our year of growth together.

I was reminded during our time together that people grow best in communities. As opposed to learning in isolation, communities give folks a chance to “think out loud”, to process insights, to pick up new ideas, and to determine actions steps. One leader said to me following our time together: “This experience is already life-changing, and we’ve just had two meetings. I can’t believe I get to hear from so many wise leaders and process what I am learning…as I am learning it.”

It seems like everyone is talking about “community” these days. I started hearing the word in everyday conversation in the 1990s. It has picked up steam because people learn best in communities, via social integration and mentors. It has also picked up steam because I believe we all long to be a part of a community that experiences authentic relationships and personal growth.

So, I decided to take this a step further. With the help of our great team at “Growing Leaders”, I’ve decided to launch a “Growing Leaders Community” designed for people who care about young people. It is ideal for those who want to network with other like-minded leaders and share ideas on how to equip students well. In fact, the four big take-aways for people in this community will be:

* A place to post and find ideas on training students.

* A place to connect with like-minded leaders.

* A place that is open 24/7 because it is on-line.

* A place to gain new content we post on how to grow leaders.

Wanna join? Just go to:


The Power of a Community