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The Pirates Treasure: How Sports Teams are Building Leaders

Yesterday, I blogged about the San Francisco Giants and their fresh commitment to building a culture of leadership on their minor league ball clubs.

The Pittsburgh Pirates have an equally great culture. From the first meeting, I was impressed with their Player Development Staff.  In fact, I have never seen management possess such a well-thought through plan for developing the talent and character of their team members.  Their four-point plan includes these core tenants:

1.     Men matter.  They are first about building men out of boys, not just athletes. Their strategy begins with the man, not the talent he possesses.

2.     Caring environments. Each club embraces the idea that they care for every player. Everyone counts, from the starting line up to the pinch hitter.

3.     Commitment to excellence. Everything that players do, they execute with excellence, both on the field and off the field. They must give their all.

4.     Honesty and truth. Managers and coaches model speaking the truth, even if it hurts team members. Trust is built only when truth is told.

I spent a couple of hours with the managers and coaches last Friday night and was impressed by their commitment to be mentors and models for their young players. Seeing them made me think about our team and the schools, organizations and churches we work with at Growing Leaders.

How do you measure up to the four-point plan above? What are your core tenants? Do you execute them well? Can you see the fruit of it in the young people around you?


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The Pirates Treasure: How Sports Teams are Building Leaders