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The Growing Leaders Initiative

Turning everyday students from disadvantaged environments into growing leaders who will transform society.

The Growing Leaders Initiative

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The Growing Leaders Initiative is a 501c3 organization that exists to provide Habitudes (character-based, student-leadership development) to schools and organizations around the world that cannot afford to purchase programs for their students.


The culture of our after school program was uplifted on the days we provided a Habitudes lesson. The program helped us bond as a group and work together more as a unit. Students definitely felt they had an advocate and adults understood their situations more.

Marcie Jones

Teacher– Dodge County High School

I now have a better understanding of my priorities, which has allowed me to go deeper into my current commitments and serve with more passion and focus.

11th Grade

High School Student


Boundaries. Lids. Fences. In both urban and rural environments, students are confined emotionally, behaviorally, and spiritually. In some places, students never leave a 9-block radius or a 9-mile radius from their home. They don’t leave the familiar because they’re never given the opportunity. We want to change that. We want to broaden their vision, and help them take bigger risks, think bigger thoughts, and pursue bigger goals. We want to enable them to become the best version of themselves.

Growing Leaders, has partnered with over 8,000 schools and organizations since our beginning 12 years ago.

In recent years, we have met leaders of schools and organizations who are eager to develop their students with leadership skills, but simply don’t have the funds for such programs. In May 2013 Growing Leaders launched The Growing Leaders Initiative so that students in underfunded schools to benefit from the same resources as students that are in more affluent schools.

Learn more about the Need for Habitudes.

Learn the 6 Measurable Outcomes for Schools that Use Habitudes.

Why bring Habitudes to underfunded schools, organizations, and youth ministries?

In our pilot program of 17,000 students, the vast majority did not recognize the need for ethics and values.

  • Student Discipline
    47% reduction in disciplinary incidents per student
  • Self Esteem
    7 out of 10 students said it will make them a better person
  • Student Leadership
    More than 2 out of 3 students said it taught them what it means to be a leader
  • Decision-Making
    More than 6 out of 10 students said it helped them learn how to make better decisions
  • Student Engagement
    7 out of 10 students reported that learning with images helped them pay attention in class

Help bring these same results to students in underfunded schools.