The Eve of Christmas

Today is Christmas Eve. You know what the word “eve” means don’t you?

The dictionary defines “Eve” as “the day or period of time immediately before an event or occasion.”

It is the day before Christmas, which means you have one last day to prepare. It’s not a lot of time, but it’s still…well, beforehand. It’s still prior to the big day.

Never underestimate the power of preparing. It’s all about thinking ahead, planning, and making ready for an event that’s coming. I’ve found when we’re poor at preparing, we must get good a repairing. We always find ourselves doing damage control, making up for what wasn’t done ahead of time. Think about the difference:

1. Looking behind you 1. Looking ahead of you
2. Addressing the past 2. Addressing the future
3. Damage control 3. Planning and getting ready
4. Defense 4. Offense
5. Maintenance 5. Adventure

Repairing may mean making an apology, fixing a broken system, mending a relationship, or correcting a mistake. Keep in mind that when we get good a preparing, we often can do a lot less repairing.

Nobody wants to enter Christmas unready. We want to be prepared. Most will go to great lengths—especially if you have children—to stay up late, and finish the gift wrapping, the filling of stockings, the writing in cards to be ready. Once the day hits, it’s a little late.

The same is true in life. Whatever you want for the next year, start preparing now. Preparing is far superior to repairing.

The Eve of Christmas