The Closest I’ve Come to Playing with the Pros…

I have to admit, I’m having fun at mid-life.

All my years growing up, I was like other boys. I wanted to play a professional sport. I had day dreams of playing with the Cincinnati Reds, during the “Big Red Machine” days, or replacing Walter Payton or Barry Sanders in the backfield in the fourth quarter of a close football game.
I don’t need to tell you…it didn’t happen. But I’m having fun mixing it up with NCAA athletes getting ready for the combine, before the NFL draft these days. I got to spend time with Graham Harrell, who just finished his senior year as quarterback for Texas Tech. Great season. I also got to interview Manual Johnson and Juaquin Iglesias, both busy wide receivers for Oklahoma. You may have seen them in the BCS championship game last month. Yep. I’m hanging out with them before they enter the draft.  “Hey guys…remember me when you enter the big time!”  :o)
I know. You’re probably wondering why these great young athletes are hanging out with the likes of me.  It’s because “Growing Leaders” is adding interviews with excellent players like these to our Athletic Habitudes Program. We are building character and leadership into their training process. Now, they not only work on their biceps, but their backbone. We offer this DVD training to high school, college and professional sports teams like the University of Texas, Duke, North Carolina, FSU, Jacksonville State…and even the minor league teams in the Kansas City Royals baseball club.
I never got to play one minute on a pro team…but I got something better. I get to interact with these guys about the most important issues they face: how to live as a man of integrity and character; how to lead and influence in a positive way; how to model a life that younger kids will want to follow. How to prepare themselves not only physically, but emotionally and spiritually as well. How to be a part of transforming the world, through the platform of sports. I am having a ball.  Not bad for a guy in mid-life, huh?

The Closest I've Come to Playing with the Pros...