The Asian Invasion

This week I, and two team members from Growing Leaders, fly to Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. We will spend a week doing launch events with students, with business leaders and with church leaders in that part of the world. In my daily blogs, I will include some insights I am picking up as I interface with leaders in these nations.

Growing Leaders works with two partner organizations that teach Habitudes in Asia. They represent our cause of developing a new generation of leaders in that part of the world. This week represents my seventh trip to this region. Each time I am there—I have made observations about life and leadership. Here are a few of them I have made so far…

1. The world really is flat. Thomas Friedman was right on that one. Whether I am talking to parents, or business executives or youth workers—I am stunned at how similar their struggles are, how much people who live there need the same things from their leaders that ours do, and how much we need consistent equipping in our lives to lead well. Leaders need training; and followers need encouragement and clear direction—I don’t care where they live.

2. Parents from industrialized nations share common habits. I noticed in Singapore that, like us, there is a brand new generation of parents raising kids today, just like there is a whole new generation of kids. Parents in developed nations tend to struggle with hovering over their kids, they tend to over-structure their lives and they tend to want to pave the way for their kids as they enter college and career.

3. The use of technology plays an increasing role in the way we do relationships and business. In fact, the U.S. pales in comparison to Asian countries that have more advanced mobile phones and other hand-held devices. Technology is no longer a tool. It is a way of life. People are increasingly dependent on it to simply do their life.

We have much to learn from the countries in Asia—and much to share as well. I love how I broaden my perspective when I travel. I will keep you posted on what I’m learning. Thanks for reading my posts.


The Asian Invasion