Is Technology Good or Bad for Us? (Part Two)

iPhone-iPadYesterday, I began a five-part blog series on whether all the technology that’s speeding our way is good for us or bad for us.

May I say the obvious?  Technology is not going away. Nor do most of us want it to.  The people I talk to agree: technology is both a blessing and a curse. There are upsides and downsides to every new innovation that emerges in our culture. The downsides often stem from the fact that we refuse to use anything with moderation. We become consumed with a new device and allow it to eclipse our positive disciplines which are helpful.

“New” does not always equal “better.”

When a new device enters our lives, we must decide how to handle it wisely. If we desire the convenience it brings, we need to understand what life skill that device might diminish and find ways to build it. At the same time, technology can offer incredible improvements to our lives, our education and our life-skill development. We must recognize how the new innovation enhances us. Sometimes new is, indeed, better.

I love the technology I enjoy each day on my cell phone and computer. I also know I have become a different person by using those apps—and so have my children. My goal is to embrace innovation while simultaneously cultivating the important virtues and skills I used to grow automatically, before the innovation came along. The good news is, often I can utilize the technology to accomplish that goal.

So—it appears that the answer to my question on whether technology is good or bad for us…is up to us.

Do you agree?


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Is Technology Good or Bad for Us? (Part Two)