improving pedagogy

Does Your Teaching Need a Tune Up?

improving pedagogy

We live in a day when faculty, coaches, youth workers and speakers of all kinds are re-thinking their pedagogy.  We all believe in our “content” but we can see that the “context” of our students has changed. And many of us are learning the hard way that “context” must inform the delivery of our “content.” Conditioned by thirty-second sounds bites, Instagram and tweets with 140 characters, our listeners have short-attention spans and are more difficult to “wow” than ever before. After they watch YouTube for three hours, good luck with trying to engage them.

Teachers surveyed by Pew Research and Common Sense Media reported that technology has impacted the engagement of kids. Faculty said they felt they had to work harder to capture and hold students’ attention.

“I’m an entertainer. I have to do a song and dance to capture their attention,” said Hope Molina-Porter, 37, an English teacher at Troy High School in Fullerton, CA., who has taught for 14 years. She teaches accelerated students, but has noted a marked decline in the depth and analysis of their written work.

She said she did not want to shrink from the challenge of engaging them, nor did other teachers interviewed, but she also worried that technology was causing a deeper shift in how students learned. She also wondered if teachers were adding to the problem by adjusting their lessons to accommodate shorter attention spans.

“Are we contributing to this?” Ms. Molina-Porter said. “What’s going to happen when they don’t have constant entertainment?”

This is why we, at Growing Leaders, offer a Habitudes One-Day Intensive several times each year.  This is an all-day training experience, where I and our team equip you to update your teaching style and cover issues that really matter.

What are the benefits of this Habitudes One-Day Intensive?

  1. Attendees will discover current research on engaging today’s student.
  2. Attendees will ascertain student’s greatest needs.
  3. Attendees will learn to teach with images, conversations and experiences.
  4. Attendees will practice the principles we cover on this day.
  5. Attendees will become certified facilitators in the HabitudesÒ material.
  6. Attendees will receive a wholesale discount on all Habitudes resources for two years following the event.

We’d love to invite you to participate in our next One-Day Intensive, on Saturday, September 28, 2013 in Atlanta, GA.

If your teaching needs a tune-up, this will be empowering for you.

For Information or to register, CLICK HERE.

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Does Your Teaching Need a Tune Up?