For the past two days, I have blogged about what ingredients are needed in the leadership development process. Following a great conference (event), what must be part of the follow-up if you plan to sustain the momentum you gained at the event? I shared the first 3 essentials yesterday. Here are the others: 4. Real-Time Modeling A good process always includes a

Yesterday, I wrote about the power of both “events” and “process” in the training of new leaders. Today, I will launch into just what that “process” (following the event) looks like. So what is required in the leader development process? No doubt the process can take on many forms. No two may look alike. I believe, however, the essential elements are

It’s not a new thought. People need more than “conferences” to grow and become effective. We’ve been saying for years now -- people need both EVENTS and an on-going PROCESS following the event to experience life change. Events stimulate and motivate -- but they’re not enough. After attending a training event, most people require an on-going journey; a community of