Success Inspires and Attracts People

Let me remind you of something. Every time you succeed at something, you spark a desire to achieve in others. People want to be associated with success.

President John F. Kennedy said, “Success has a thousand fathers. Failure is an orphan.” What he meant was—we all want to claim being part of a victory. No one wants to connect with a failure.

A little research by Jaren and Devin Pope illustrates this fact. When a college basketball team makes the NCAA tournament in March, they get the attention of a nation, and applications to the school go up. When a university actually makes it to the Final Four, enrollment (not just applications) goes up for those schools by 4.4%. When one team emerges as the champion, enrollment rises by 7.4%.

So, for any NCAA athletic staff reading this, just understand that your colleagues in admissions are rooting for you. You help them do their job.

Here is my question. As a leader, what do you do that inspires others? Do you win any victories, even personal victories, that make other people hungry to win, too? Does your life inspire others to be better? In what way?


Success Inspires and Attracts People