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Parenting Screenagers Bundle

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Parents have the most profound impact on kids, from how they think, to the values they internalize, to the careers they choose. With the proliferation of technology today, however, the way kids develop has changed. This leaves most parents feeling like they are on a journey to raise their kids without a map showing them the way. In this bundle of best-selling books, we want to equip parents with a clear game plan to raise their kids and instill timeless leadership skills within their children.

The Parenting Screenagers Bundle helps parents:

  • Lead their kids to succeed before and after graduation
  • Build resilience, resolve, purpose, and satisfaction in kids
  • Discover a relevant, practical framework for recognizing students’ needs
  • Prepare students who can care for themselves
  • Develop emotionally-healthy kids who become thriving adults
  • Clearly see the potential of who and what your kids can be
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This bundle includes:

  • 12 Huge Mistakes Parents Can Avoid: Leading Your Kids to Succeed in Life
  • Generation iY: Secrets to Connecting With Today’s Teens & Young Adults in the Digital Age
  • Artificial Maturity: Helping Kids Meet the Challenge of Becoming Authentic Adults

12 Huge Mistakes Parents Can Avoid outlines practical and effective parenting skills that can help you better prepare your kids for the real world.

Generation iY helps you understand the latest insights and research on today’s students.

Artificial Maturity provides practical advice and ways we can help students meet the challenge of becoming authentic adults.

“When I first became a mom, I didn’t really know what I didn’t know. Like most parents, I learned valuable lessons from my mistakes. I wish I would have had Tim’s guidance to help me back then. His researched and thoughtful approach makes this book a valuable resource for parents and other adults involved in the lives of children. the problem isn’t that we neglect our children, but that we fail to prepare for each new life stage. Once again, Tim Elmore lays out a diagnosis and a prescription for what caring adults can do to help children mature.”

– Jo Kirchner, President and CEO, Primrose Schools

“A timely and perceptive study… more importantly, a must-read guide for parents, mentors and teachers… a valuable and wise resource.”

– Dr. Mark Bauerlein Writer, The Wall Street Journal * Faculty, Emory University * Author, The Dumbest Generation

“Having served in education for decades, I believe the need has never been greater for teachers and parents to understand this generation of students. The Nebraska Department of Education, the schools and students in the state of Nebraska have benefited greatly from Dr. Elmore’s ideas. I consider this book a must-read for teachers or administrators. The work that Tim and his team at Growing Leaders do is essential as we continue to transform education to meet the needs of students and of the workforce in the future.”

– Rich Katt · State Director, Nebraska Career Education

“Without question, this is the right book, tackling the right subject, written by the right person, and delivered at the right time. Tim has proven through his previous writing, speaking, and teaching that he understands today’s generation of young people and has high hopes for their future. As a university student affairs administrator, I had whiplash as I read this book—from nodding my head in painful recognition and passionate agreement. Anyone who cares about the future of this generation and the generation following them should read this book.”

—Mary Gerardy, Dean, Wake Forest University


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