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lifeLINES: Mentor Training DVD Kit

$249.00 $199.99

This is a kit for schools, non-profit organizations, student groups and churches that will enable staff and faculty to mentor students in an effective way. It will help groups fulfill the “process” of leadership development following “events.” It will equip adults and upper classmen to mentor younger students.

This Resource Contains:

  • Five DVDs designed to train adults and upperclassmen to mentor students (50 min. each)
  • Audio CD including MP3 versions of all DVD segments
  • Leader’s Guide: How to Get the Most From a Mentoring Experience
  • A Promotional Trailer to Recruit Potential Mentors for training

::Segment One::
1. Interview with John Maxwell (25 minutes)
2. Training on expectations of a mentor, definitions and realistic expectations for mentoring.

::Segment Two::
1. Interview with Andy Stanley (25 minutes)
2. Training on a mentor ’s focus: helping students discover strengths; closing gap between potential & performance.

::Segment Three::
1. Interview Miles McPherson (25 minutes)
2. Training on leading a mentor meeting; using the inductive vs. deductive approach; seven kinds of mentors.

::Segment Four::
1. Interview with Tim Tassopoulos and David Salyers (25 minutes)
2. Training on how to nurture a life-giving structure for mentoring in your organization.

::Segment Five (Bonus)::
1. Interview with Brenda Bertrand & Judge Andrew Valdez: Connecting in the midst of diversity in Gender, Age and Ethnicity (25 minutes)
2. Training on how to identify needs and provide support to at-risk students.

ISBN-13: 978-0979294099



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