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Habitudes for Personal Influence: The Art of Connecting With Others


Habitudes® is a breakthrough way to teach leadership principles to the post-modern student. Book #2 in the leadership journey — The Art of Connecting With Others — uses the power of images, conversations, and experiences to illustrate thirteen key principles on effectively connecting with people.

The Art of Connecting With Others helps students and young adults:

  • Handle criticism and use feedback for personal improvement
  • Initiate healthy relationships with those around them
  • Build up other people to help them achieve their full potential

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A critical part of becoming an effective leader is learning how to connect with others. We must connect with others before we can lead them. Often, leaders are hindered when they don’t listen to the people around them or don’t provide encouragement along. This can destroy what little trust they had.

In The Art of Connecting With Others, Dr. Tim Elmore aims to equip students with the wisdom to create healthy relationships, listen respectfully, encourage those around them, and effectively handle criticism. Through thirteen memorable images — each with a series of engaging stories, self-assessment questions, and thought-provoking discussion topics — students learn and internalize important principles on connecting with others that will help guide them as they step into college or their careers.

The Art of Connecting With Others covers important topics such as:

  • Listening
  • Encouragement
  • Confrontation
  • Service
  • Trust
  • Handling Criticism
  • …and many more!

Why Use The Art of Connecting With Others?

More than 7,000 schools, businesses, and organizations around the world utilize Habitudes every day. The Art of Connecting With Others helps students and young adults:

  • Handle criticism and use feedback for personal improvement
  • Initiate healthy relationships with those around them
  • Build up other people to help them achieve their full potential
  • Choose the right battles and conversations that move people towards a goal without damaging relationships
  • Connect with people through sacrificial service that improves others as well as themselves
  • …and many more leadership habits!

Most Popular Uses

There are many ways Habitudes can be leveraged to connect with and train growing leaders. Specifically, we’ve seen this resource used most effectively when harnessed as a training resource for:

  • Collegiate Programs, such as Residential Advisors or Student Governments
  • Staff Training for Young Professionals
  • Small-Group Discussions
  • Youth Leadership Programs

Additional Details

Habitudes Book 2: The Art of Connecting With Others is available in a Faith-Based Edition for Christian schools, colleges and ministries.

ISBN-13: 978-0-9792940-1-3

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“No one teaches leadership better than Tim Elmore. This series is a must read.”

-John C. Maxwell, author of The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership

 “I never knew learning how to lead others could be so fun, so relevant and so easy to remember. This stuff is awesome.”

Clint Thomas, student

 “Tim Elmore is a great communicator. I enjoy these images so much, I asked him to teach them to our entire staff.”

-Andy Stanley, Founder and Senior Pastor, North Point Community Church

“Tim Elmore has done it again. This book is fresh and goes straight to the heart. Tim teaches leadership so clearly, no one could miss it.”

-Zig Ziglar, author and motivational speaker

“These images will transform any young leader who is hungry to grow. I highly recommend them.”

-Josh McDowell, author

“The power of word pictures has been captured in excellent form by Tim Elmore. This is a dynamic tool to aid in the leadership crisis facing our culture.”

-Travis Holdman, President, Community Bankers Association, Indiana

“Habitudes is not just a book- it is an incredible tool that will enlighten, educate, encourage, challenge and call out leaders. I have worked with students and athletes at major universities for almost twenty years, and this is what I have been waiting for! Tim Elmore has created the one resource that has the greatest potential to impact any university. Do yourself and your students a HUGE favor- use this!”

-Clint Purvis, Chaplain, Florida State University

“Habitudes is outstanding! When great communicators want to make a point they often paint a picture. Tim has taken this idea to the next level by creating and entire gallery of memorable images that will help all of us be better leaders. I can hardly wait for the next installment. Thank you Tim!”

-Mark Miller, Vice President, Training and Development, Chik-Fil-A, Inc. 


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