Steps You Can Take to Help Students with Commitment…

I have been musing over the last three blog posts about how difficult it is for this emerging generation to make and keep commitments. Especially long term commitments. Our organization, Growing Leaders, is in front of about 50,000 students and staff each year. We see it everywhere we go. Passionate students only work when the cause is “fashionate.”

So, how do we work with this generation who forgets the last commitment they made yesterday, and has dozens of options in front of them today? What are some steps we can take to draw a more firm commitment from them? Let me suggest some ideas below.

1. Listen to them and affirm their dreams and goals.
2. Provide them a sense of big-picture purpose as they perform menial tasks.
3. Give them short-term commitments they can keep, and put wins under their belts.
4. Offer them realistic steps to their often over-optimistic goals. Help them prioritize.
5. Work with them to focus on one, meaningful objective and pull it off.
6. Encourage them to simplify their life, and remove some self-imposed pressure.
7. Discuss personal values with them and help them to become value-driven.

I trust you will model commitment and develop committed students under your leadership!

What do you think?

1. What elements in our culture today have led to an inability to make long-term commitments?
2. Do you know students who are committed individuals? What enables them to commit themselves?


Steps You Can Take to Help Students with Commitment…