Speaking Their Love Language

I rarely do this, but I have to make an exception this time.

Gary Chapman wrote a splendid book back in 1992 called, The Five Languages of Love. In it, he reminds readers that everyone of us speaks five languages that communicate love to others:

  1. Words of Affirmation
  2. Tangible Gifts
  3. Quality Time
  4. Deeds of Service
  5. Physical Touch

He goes on to say that while we all enjoy each of these expressions, each of us have a favorite love language. I know mine. I bet you know yours as well.

For years, I have looked for a way to enable people to speak those

languages as they use our resources at Growing Leaders. Our team just came up with a good idea on how to do it.

The first two love languages above—words of affirmation and tangible gifts are big ones. Most of us love it when someone we admire encourages us with their words or gives us a gift. Who wouldn’t appreciate those?

We’ve just developed a gift full of words. We call them: “Habitudes Portraits.” Most of you reading this know that Habitudes are images that form leadership habits and attitudes. They are simple pictures that represent a timeless leadership principle. “Habitudes Portraits” are nicely framed single Habitude images with th

e description at the bottom. So, if you have a loved one that you feel personifies one of the Habitudes, now you can give them a framed Habitude describing them with words. The following are the Habitudes we matted and framed. The sentence simply summarizes the idea:

  1. The Iceberg – Most of a leader’s influence comes from their character
  2. Chess and Checkers – Good leaders relate to others from their strength
  3. The Gardener’s Job – Leaders must cultivate and grow people like a gardener
  4. Rivers and Floods – Leaders must be focused; they flow not flood everywhere
  5. Waldorf Principle – Great leaders serve others extravagantly and sacrificially
  6. Joshua Problem – Lasting leaders don’t just do programs they develop people
  7. Mirror Effect – Followers eventually become a mirror of their leader
  8. Bit Market – Excellent leaders lead change well by seeing the big picture.
  9. Thermostats and Thermometers – People either reflect the climate or set it.
  10. Dorothy’s Way – The best leaders aren’t on a power trip but lead through teams
  11. Choir Director – Leaders are choir directors—they turn talent into performance
  12. Life Sentence – Our lives will be summarized with one sentence. What will it be?

Here’s the cool thing. You can personalize these gifts of words. If you wish to, you can craft a personal message at the bottom of the picture for your boss, your dad, your friend, your coach, your teacher… whoever.

If you’d like to see these, check them out at: http://GrowingLeaders.com. Go to the store and look them over. They might just be a perfect gift for someone this Christmas.


Speaking Their Love Language