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Speakers for New Professionals

Communication is tough, but if you can create understanding between generations in the workplace, it doesn’t have to be.


Sometimes the best way to connect two generations is with a catalytic event. Our leadership experts can help create understanding between the seasoned veterans and Millennials in your workplace, and replace any current frustration with insightful understanding. What does this mean for you? It could mean a workplace where divisiveness is a thing of the past and your employees, both young and old, appreciate the contributions that one another bring to the office. A workplace where each person regardless of generation maximizes his or her potential to help the business grow.

Topics Include:

  • Leadership Development for Young Professionals
  • Millennial Generation (Understanding and Connecting with Generation Y)
  • Generational Diversity in the Workplace
  • Creating a Leadership Development Culture
  • Becoming an Effective Mentor
  • Team Building (Relational Dynamics and Communication Styles)
  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator (How Type Impacts Team Dynamics)



Tim Elmore

Founder and CEO - Growing Leaders

Dr. Tim Elmore, a nationally recognized thought leader on the emerging generation, offers insightful presentations and consulting designed to help companies maximize the potential of today’s young employees as well as leverage the strengths of generational diversity on a team.

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Randy Hain

President – Serviam Partners

Randy Hain is the President of Serviam Partners and the cofounder of Integrated Catholic Life eMagazine and the Annual Atlanta Catholic Business Conference. Randy is a prolific writer and regularly contributes to Huffington Post. He is a frequent presenter around the country on a number of topics including authenticity, leadership and human capital.

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