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More Info for the Parent/Guardian

As a parent or guardian of a student leader we know you want them to have amazing experiences that inspire and motivate their contribution to the common good. The Social Justice Experience will be all that and more.

We also know you have honest questions about us. We’ve been in existence for almost 20 years and partnered with thousands of schools with our Habitudes® Curriculum. As an organization we’ve impacted 2.3 million students in over 70 countries.

We want your student and friend to be and feel safe every step of the way. We can make sure that happens once they arrive in Atlanta. But for students flying to Atlanta, we think it’s best to have a parent/guardian in the group.

“We all have a responsibility to create a just society.”

Bryan Stevenson

Questions You Might Be Asking

Q: Who is sponsoring the Social Justice Experience?

A: The Social Justice Experience is sponsored by Growing Leaders, an Atlanta-based non-profit started in 2003, by Dr. Tim Elmore. Our interest in providing this experience for student leaders is an extension of our vision: We imagine a world improved—even transformed—by millions of young influencers who solve problems and serve people in their communities.

Q: When will we find out who is selected?

A: We’ll conduct final interviews and notify students of their status by March 31, 2022.

Q: How many students will be selected?

A: The experience is intentionally designed for a small group of highly motivated student leaders. We expect the number to be 6-10.

Q: What qualities or characteristics are you looking for in applicants?

A: This is a leadership learning experience focused on the complex issues of social justice. We’re looking for students committed to learning and motivated toward action. This is not a field trip. It’s an intense, immersive experience for serious-minded change-makers.

Q: Do I have to bring a friend?

A: No, but we hope you do. Sharing this experience with another person will make it even more meaningful. Your friend will have to apply and demonstrate the same level of commitment to learning as you.

Q: What is included in the scholarship?

A: Roundtrip flight for you, a friend, and parent/guardian to Atlanta, ground transportation, hotel and entrance fees for all field trip experiences. Your only cost will be meals and souvenirs.

Q: Do I have to stay in the hotel if I’m from the Atlanta area?

A: Yes. This is an immersive experience both in relating to the other participants, visiting the museums and reflecting on what you learn. We don’t want you to go in and out of focus or have to deal with driving home each evening.

Q: What is expected of the parent/guardian?

A: Your primary role is to serve as a travel companion for the student and friend. You will be invited to participate in the field trip experiences but we will make sure the students have space to engage and process without your direct oversight while on the ground.


Note: Atlanta-based students will not be required to have a parent or guardian.

Q: What is the benefit for students who participate?

A: This will be a fully immersive experience that includes individual and small group reflection. Students will be challenged to consider how they can contribute to the cause of social justice and how they could be a force for good in mobilizing others. We’ll provide a certificate of participation that will be worth noting on your college application and resume.

Q: How will you help students capture this experience and share it with others?

A: Each student will have a video journal provided by Growing Leaders documenting the experience and key learning moments. A version of the video journal will be an effective tool to share with classmates (maybe your entire school) as part of the action plan you develop.

Q: What is the next step if we are interested?

A: Click on the Apply Now button and complete the online application.

Apply Now

Q: What if I have more questions?

A: Email [email protected] or call 770-495-3332 and ask for Hannah.