So How Do We Connect with Generation iY?

Because of the rapid cycles of change we’re experiencing these days, I propose that we must rethink how we connect with students every four years. Let me suggest a few. The following observations are about Generation iY that may help you as you attempt to communicate and connect with students today.

Observation #1: They want to belong before they believe.
Today’s student are different than those of past generations. They don’t necessarily make decisions based upon logic or statistics. I know professors, salesmen and ministers who will try to convince a young person about something before they build any sense of relationship or community. Students today would rather join and belong to a small affinity group before they embrace the beliefs of that group. Their basis for making decisions is more relational than logical. If you hope to get them to embrace an idea — embrace them first.

This week, I will blog about other observations that will help you connect with Generation iY.

Next week — I’m excited to let you know that my newest book will be published. It’s called, Generation iY: Our Last Chance to Save Their Future. You can find it at a great price on Amazon.

Check in tomorrow.


So How Do We Connect with Generation iY?