Restoring Your Faith in Youth

The world has witnessed a revolution in Egypt. President Hosni Mubarak has stepped down and turned his authority over to the Egyptian army. Egyptians now hope for a fair and just election to determine their next president.

In the midst of the protests in Tahrir Square, some stories never made it on CNN news. Many of them will restore your faith in young people. Let me share one with you. I was told this story by a friend who lives in Cairo.

Mubarak was known for injustice, corrupt elections and persecuting people for their faith. On one particular day, Muslim young people had become particularly loud in their demonstration — and began to receive retaliation from the police. Then, those Muslim students knelt and prayed. They were in a vulnerable position. In that moment, young Christian protestors gathered around the Muslim protestors and formed a human shield to protect them.

You read that right. Although these students embraced a different faith, they knew they were standing together against injustice. And as a witness to both the police and their Muslim colleagues — they put their lives in harm’s way on behalf of them.

Then on Sunday, it was the other way around! Christians held an event with worship songs that talk about blessing their nation and God hearing their prayers. Muslims joined in. A friend of mine, who happens to be a Christian said, “It was an amazing, miraculous event that I never ever thought I’d see in a Middle Eastern country! People were singing, chanting together as one in the main square in front of the museum and church! We were there, not with or against any group of people, but as a great chance to share with the people there.”

No doubt we all recognize the difference between Islamic and Christian faiths. But in this moment, these young people took a united stand against injustice and discovered how powerful it can be. Hmmm. It kind of restores my faith in youth.


Restoring Your Faith in Youth