Real Leaders Give More Than Thanks

Last Thursday, most of us sat down to a nice, big turkey dinner, with all the fixings. We’ve done so for years; we call it Thanksgiving.

Today—I’m suggesting that genuine leaders give thanks, but they give much more than thanks. They give back.

Case in point. Several leaders here in the U.S. have enjoyed our Habitudes® program in their school, business, sports team or non-profit organization. Someone funded it for them, (either a school administrator or an outside donor), enabling them to host conversations with students sparked by the Habitudes—images that form leadership habits and attitudes.

I love the fact that many of those recipients decided to donate funds to The Growing Leaders Initiative (the philanthropic arm of Growing Leaders), so that schools around the world can enjoy Habitudes, too. One of the organizations that received a Habitudes grant was “LeadNow Africa.”

LeadNow Africa

LeadNow Africa works to equip youth in Nairobi, Kenya between the ages of 16-26 years old. They work alongside the public school system in Nairobi to conduct in-classroom trainings and out-of-the-classroom experiences. I met Oscar at the Converge Conference back in October 2016 in Orlando, FL. He specifically expressed the dire need for character development resources in the ever-growing country of Kenya and Africa, as a whole. Due to mistrust in leadership, many young people of Africa have a negative perception of what leadership looks like. When Oscar discovered Habitudes he went back to the schools he partnered with in Nairobi to pitch a Habitudes program. They said yes.

A pilot year grant gave Oscar access to HabitudesOnline for Habitudes for Self Leadership: The Art of Leading Yourself. Oscar was trained at a Habitudes Intensive in June 2017 and implemented the program with 120 students. After this first pilot year, students reported that Habitudes shifted their perception of leadership. They enjoyed having conversations about developing internal values, work ethic, and even skills like listening. Students also reported that they felt more connected to their teacher and each other because Habitudes sparked conversations they would not traditionally have in the classroom.

This coming year, the program is really taking flight! Oscar has identified 30 schools in Nairobi, with a reach of 30,000 students to begin implementing The Art of Leading Yourself. In addition, we’ll be flying to Nairobi to conduct a Habitudes Intensive training experience in 2018 to equip the teachers/facilitators. The small start has led to the chance to make a bigger impact on the kids of Kenya.

What’s This Have to Do with You?

I share this as an opportunity to give back. These students in Kenya need to be equipped and their pilot program has proven the Habitudes actually change lives. Today, I invite you to seize the opportunity to get involved.

Today is Giving Tuesday.

This is a day (the Tuesday following Thanksgiving) for Americans to find a place to give more than thanks—to sacrificially donate their resources to places like LeadNow Africa. I have chosen to do this. So have several of our team members at Growing Leaders. If you have a passion to develop the emerging generation of leaders, especially in underserved areas, this might be the perfect place for you to give.

Just CLICK HERE to make a donation.

John Bunyan once said, “You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.”

This Giving Tuesday
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You can help bring Habitudes to students in disadvantaged environments both domestically and around the world. Many who believe in Habitudes have already joined as supporters.

This #GivingTuesday, will you help break financial barriers so that all students can be prepared to lead in real life?

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Real Leaders Give More Than Thanks