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The Proven Method
E-Book Launch Party

You're invited to join us for our newest E-Book Launch Party!

Hosted by:

Tim Headhsots 2

Dr. Tim Elmore

Founder & President, Growing Leaders
Best-Selling Author, Generation Z and Marching Off the Map

What You Get

Action Steps

Develop an Action Plan for creating a school culture where students take ownership of achieving your school goals and dreams.

Healthier Relationships

Learn how to build healthier relationships on your campus that set everyone up for success.

Relevant Content

Learn from Dr. Tim Elmore who will share practical insights that you and other teachers and leaders like you can implement immediatey.

Equipping Teachers to Prioritize

the Needs of Our Students

We don’t need to tell you that this school year has been challenging. From virtual and hybrid classrooms, to constantly shifting needs of students, to the stress we know you feel each time you go to work. In seasons like this, however, the greatest teachers and leaders realize that the secret to success in times like these is rarely a new pedagogy or complex strategy, but rather a simple set of principles, followed religiously. The difference between average teachers and great ones is their values: average teachers prioritize information; great teachers prioritize the student. But what are these principles, and what does it look like to prioritize the needs of our students? We have created a new resource that will help you answer this question.

Growing Leaders is releasing a brand new eBook from Dr. Tim Elmore on Jan 26th called The Proven Method for Teaching Social Emotional Learning: Applying the Latest Research to Engage Your Remote Students. The Proven Method is a short eBook designed as a practical tool to help you effectively teach the Social and Emotional Learning skills that your students need all while utilizing the most innovative and practical principles for great communication with Generation Z. In short, this resource will help readers answer a basic question: "How do I do this SEL thing in the virtual classroom?" 

We are launching this new eBook at a free virtual launch party on January 26th!


When you join us, here is what you can expect:

  • An hour long virtual event where we will hear insights from Dr. Tim Elmore from his new eBook
  • Dr. Tim Elmore will share practical insights that you and other teachers and leaders like you will be able to implement immediately
  • Finally, just for attending this event, you will also receive a free copy of the eBook in your email directly following the webinar!