Podcast #2: Communicating with the Next Generation

In the last episode of the Growing Leaders Podcast, we discussed a growing problem: students are getting stuck! In today’s episode, we are changing topics and looking at how we can effectively communicate with the next generation.

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Episode Summary

In the past we’ve said there’s a “generation gap.” Today, it’s more of a “communication gap.”

  • Tappers and listeners – when you tap a song, you hear it clearly but the listener has no idea what song it is.
  • There are an abundance of messages and the important message doesn’t always get through

What are some ways that communication has changed?

The SCENE of Generation Y

S – Speed ( Slow is bad )

C – Convenience ( Hard is bad )

E – Entertainment ( Boring is bad )

N – Nurture ( Risk is bad )

E – Entitlement ( Labor is bad )

Those things that are “bad” are the exact things that make me more adult.

Communication in the Workplace

Most employers tend to Most young employees tend to
Email information Facebook information
Use a phone to call people Use a phone to text people
Relay data through download Learn best through upload
Prefer copy and words Love images and stories
Leap into “what” Want to grasp the “why”
View with facts and figures View with stories and imagination

Reasons that Communication is Hard Today

  • Ambiguity is everywhere – limitless options leads to paralysis
  • Young people are unwilling to work at comprehension and application
  • Information is fully accessible at any age
  • Young people have been conditioned to be consumers rather than contributors

“A wealth of information creates a poverty of attention.” -Herbert SimonAdults must build bridges of relationship that can bear the weight of truth.

The Internal Journey

  • Incentive – explain the “why” before the “what”
  • Disequilibrium – creating tension and struggle
  • Schema – the framework we use to understand new information
  • Emotion – we must engage both intellect and emotion
  • Social Integration – create opportunities for interaction
  • Filters – allowing conflict and resolution
  • Active Involvement – putting thought into practice

Steps to Take for Effectively Communication with the Next Generation

  1. Engage
  2. Connect
  3. Share the Big Idea
  4. Support
  5. Conversation
  6. Personalize
  7. Illustrate


What topic would you like for us to address on the next episode of the Growing Leaders Podcast? Leave a comment below.

Podcast #2: Communicating with the Next Generation