Our Gift to You to Celebrate 15 Years

It’s stunning to remember what the world looked like fifteen years ago. It was in 2003, I launched “Growing Leaders”–a not-for-profit that partners with schools and organizations to resource them in building emerging leaders who are ready for life.

Reflect on 2003. The Internet was only about 10 years old and some still wondered if it was a fad. Here is what the world was like when I started Growing Leaders:

  • It was just two short years after the September 11th terrorist attacks.
  • We had iPods but no iPhones (or any smart phone for that matter).
  • It was before social media took over our time each day.
  • It was before the Great Recession.
  • It was before we’d ever elected an African-American president.

Today, our world is more colorful and less predictable than ever.

Changes We All Have Seen

Back then, President Bush began to use the term “new normal” in light of the terrorist attacks we’d experienced. I believe this “new normal” is even wider than one issue. As I reflect on the impact culture has made on students, this is what I see:

  • Today’s young generation has moved from confident to cautious; they feel less special and more savvy. They’re “marching for their lives” out of anxiety.
  • Our world became downright scary. Adults seem to carry a fearful narrative regarding kids. Parents and teachers are demanding change.
  • Teachers frequently become frustrated at student attention spans and lifestyles. Social media has become our master instead of our servant.

Changes We Made at Growing Leaders

In light of the aftershocks of our shifting culture, we have made some changes too:

  • We offer leadership and character curriculum that is image-based, discussion-oriented and experiential. We want the right images filling their minds.
  • We’ve created resources for both students and the adults who lead and teach them. We must change our style if we hope to reach Generation Z.
  • We expanded to offer digital courses, not just printed books and teacher’s guides. It is clear we live in a world of screens that is “on-demand.”
  • We’ve begun to build customized leader-development paths for industries like athletics, education and businesses.
  • We now have a team of speakers who catalyze student interest in soft skills, character and leadership, as well as do professional development for faculty.
  • We’ve laid out a gigantic goal we’d love for schools to join us on: to equip 1% of the world’s youth population to think and act like authentic leaders.

Our Gift to You

Yep. It’s our 15th birthday—but we want to give YOU a gift. Over the month of APRIL we are offering a 15% discount for events on your campus, books and courses and Habitudes licenses. (The events must be booked this month for April, May or June; and the resources must be purchased this month for future use.) I am grateful for the relationships we’ve built since 2003 and would love to add value to what you’re doing as you lead young people. We believe the “good old days” are still ahead—if we will lead our students well.

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Our Gift to You to Celebrate 15 Years