Next Generation Leaders

Next Generation Leaders Series

Next Generation Leaders

Next generation leaders face a variety of challenges.

In this 4-part series, we’ll take a hard look at these challenges and explore practical solutions to equip next generation leaders.

Why it’s hard for the next generation to lead – Part 1

  • Mundane Chats vs. Meaningful Conversations

    Young people today love to feel they’re engaged in changing the world. For instance, they embrace social justice and human rights. However—there’s a paradox taking place. For many the “change the world” thing is hypothetical. I often talk to faculty who say their students laugh and cut up over “fail” videos on YouTube, but don’t connect on life-changing matters they’re experiencing at home. The superficial is king… Read more

Why it’s hard for the next generation to lead – Part 2

  • Consensus Thinking vs. Critical Thinking

    One of the chief reasons it is difficult for young people to assume leadership roles is that they’ve been conditioned to gain consensus on almost everything. I know teens that won’t make a move until they check with friends on Facebook. College deans have told me a new trend is that students will only sign up to take leadership positions if they can do it “with their friends.” Much of this is not bad; in fact a lot of it was well-intentioned. The unintended consequences are, however, that many don’t want to stand out and take a risk. When they aren’t sure about something, their first response is to check and see what friends think. Unfortunately, many don’t think on their own…read more

Why it’s hard for the next generation to lead – Part 3

  • Fear of Failure vs. Risk Taking

    The students you lead have grown up in a world that will not let them fall or fail. We are consumed with protecting them with kneepads, safety belts, helmets, cell phones for emergencies and insurance policies. Schools will find a way to pass them on to the next grade even when they can’t read or do math well. Even if their soccer team came in last place, they still get a ribbon. We’ve taught them that failure is bad. Never let it happen to you. The bottom line?  Most young people are conditioned to avoid failure at all costs. For many, their mantra is: if I might fail I won’t try…Read more

Why it’s hard for the next generation to lead – Part 4

  • Pragmatism vs. Principles

    The single trait that people indicated they most desired in leaders is: integrity.  People young and old want leaders who have values and are honest and ethical. Sadly, this is a huge reason why students today shun leadership roles. They don’t possess those values…Read more

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Next Generation Leaders Series