News Flash: College Maid Service for Slackers

More and more, it seems college students across America can be divided into one of two camps. Young adults are either “Entrepreneurs” or “Entitled.”

May I illustrate this with several hilarious examples?

When parents wonder who will clean up after their children, do their laundry or bring them snacks when they go off to college—they can relax. Now students can outsource everything, from grocery shopping to cleaning their clothes. Who does it for them? You guessed it—other more enterprising students.

USA Today writer Oliver St. John reports: Joan Ripple and Kirsten Lambert sell biodegradable sheets for students who never find time to wash their bed sheets no matter how gross they get. They’re available on-line for $25 a set.


photo credit: Shuck via photo pin cc

Nate Andorsky’s messy dorm room inspired a few college students to offer a cleaning service for their peers. They do 60-70 cleanings a month, starting at $39.

For a $1.99 delivery fee, students at University of Texas (Austin) can order snacks if they’re just too busy or lazy to leave their dorm. Arshed Rehman started the service as a senior at U.T.

Jeremy Young found that students are often too busy to do laundry, so he provides a service to do it for them. Mothers spend $349 a semester for clothes to be cleaned for their kids. Wow—where were these guys when I was in school?

Students at Cornell University pay $38 an hour if they miss the dorm move-out deadline. These students can pay $67 an hour for student-run “Red Shipping and Storage” to box it up and load it in the car. Uh…bubble wrap is extra.

There is a great divide among kids today. There are millions who’ve grown up in a world of convenience, speed and safety who’ve not yet learned how to clean their room, make a bed or cook a meal for themselves when they’re hungry. Fortunately for them, other more entrepreneurial students are happy to make a buck off of them by selling these goods and services to them.

The kids who see the opportunity instead of seeking to outsource have developed four qualities that others have not. We must build in students today:

  • Critical Thinking – They can objectively evaluate reality.
  • Problem-solving skills – They explore and find solutions for each challenge.
  • Resourcefulness – They find a way to blend elements to meet the challenge.
  • Work ethic – They are willing to roll up their sleeves and try something.

I don’t know whether to cry or laugh at the kids who remain unable or unwilling to perform these basic life skills. I love, however, the ones who see a business opportunity in their “slacker” dorm mates.  May their tribe increase.

Let me ask you. Do you see this divide among students today? What do you think? Tell me your stories.

News Flash: College Maid Service for Slackers