My Year End Tradition and Offer…

I have a twenty-four year old tradition I practice the last week of December each year. I thought I would share it with you and make an offer at the same time.

Each year I take a chunk of time (usually an entire day) and review the past twelve months. I reflect on what I did, what I failed to do, attitudes I embraced, changes in my lifestyle and whether I followed the standards I set the previous December. It’s a healthy exercise to prepare me for the new year.
Next, I spend hours determining the areas in which I want to grow during the following year. I generally choose five or six topics I want to learn about and deepen my growth–areas that I will need to improve in, areas of strength that energize me and areas I am curious about as I transition into a new life station. Then, I choose resources that will enable me to accomplish my growth in those areas:
* Two books per month that I will read
* Magazines I will subscribe to or purchase
* Teaching CDs or podcasts I will listen to
* Research I will do or gather from an expert
* Events I will attend
* Mentors who specialize in one of those areas.
These action steps are simply intentional ways for me to grow in the areas of my choosing. I don’t want to leave my growth to chance. This year I chose six areas and it has been a great year of growth for me. (In the upcoming weeks, I plan to blog about my favorite books I read in 2009).
Now, here’s my offer. Every year I travel and meet hundreds (if not thousands) of leaders who ask me about my growth plan and my mentors. They almost always follow with the question: can you suggest a plan for me? Could you be one of my mentors? Unfortunately, there is no way I could offer this to so many, who live in a variety of places geographically. At least, not until now.
Beginning in January 2010, I am launching an on-line mentoring community called: “Leadership 2 Go.” It will include a thirty-minute video where I will share a leadership insight I’ve learned, as well as substantial notes, reading assignments, assessments, discussion questions, a personal growth form, a discussion board for the community of leaders who are involved, a quarterly phone call I will do with members of the community and an exercise to practice the insight. It will literally be a personal growth plan for leaders each month…for one entire year.
I’d love you to be a part of it. Consider this an invitation. The website for you to get details on this mentoring plan is: I have tried to make this easy and affordable for any leader. The cost is less than the price of a pizza each month.
I look forward to this community throughout 2010.

My Year End Tradition and Offer...