My Third Concern for the Year 2030

Here is my third concern for the year 2030. For my first concern, click here, and for my second concern, click here.

3. Immediate responses they receive for any craving or inquiry they express.

Receiving instant response to any and all requests is not healthy for any human being, yet we’ve all become accustomed to it. By and large, our contemporary post-modern culture is spoiled. It sounds cliché, but we crave immediate gratification. We have what you might call “Google reflex.” It is the expectation that I should find my answer in very little time, and with very little effort or search. We have an inability to wait; we assume we’ll get instant results and want to fill out some complaint form if we don’t. This simply fosters an immature state in people, and does not reflect how life really works. It creates a dependency on others for answers and an impatient attitude resembling spoiled brats. I hate it when I see it in myself. Why do I speak this dogmatically? How could our world of ATMs, fast food, instant coffee, DVRs, texts, and microwaves harm us? Because waiting matures us. It deepens our patience, and gives us time to learn gratitude and appreciation for what we want in life. Without delayed gratification, a least part of us remains immature.

What if adults specifically arranged for wait times in the lives of students. Parents could help their children get that computer, video game or iPhone, but hold on to it until the child could actually pay off their portion of it. Then it becomes theirs. What if coaches delayed the distribution of trophies or ribbons, and perhaps only gave it to deserving players who achieved excellence or put out genuine effort. What if teachers did not allow their students instant access to fun stuff until work was done? What if rewards came later? Think about it. Twenty years ago, furniture stores had something call a “lay away” plan for those who put money down on a sofa or bed but couldn’t afford the entire payment. We don’t see these plans anymore, because no one has to wait for them. We get the item now, whether we can afford it or not.

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My Third Concern for the Year 2030