My Personal Mission Statement

Recently, I got a direct tweet that asked a very important question.

“What is your personal mission statement?”

It’s a common issue. Today it’s vogue to talk about creating a purpose statement for your life. Unfortunately, few really understand what makes for a suitable one. By suitable, I mean it both fits who you are and it includes a bigger picture.

When I was a sophomore in college, in 1979, I first attempted to write down a mission statement for my life. I recognized I wasn’t very old and certainly didn’t know everything about myself or my future—but I knew enough to grab a pencil (notice it was a pencil not a pen) and jot one down. I have attempted to align my decisions with it ever since that time.

Let me give you my personal mission statement below, then furnish a handful of thoughts to help you with yours.

As a friend and follower of Christ, I purpose to influence the influencers.

Following this statement, I included some personal bullets that outline how I would pursue this venture. Those bullets detailed how I would use my gifts and my passion to fulfill my noble goal of equipping those in positions of influence. Let me suggest how I arrived at my mission statement.

  1. It was sparked by my passion. I was ignited by leaders and how much they affect everyone under their influence.
  2. It fit my gifts and talents. I knew I had some gifts in communication, in organizing ideas and in leadership, myself.
  3. It answered a crying need. I was burdened by the lack of good leadership around the world and felt “heavy” about solving that problem.
  4. It was strategic. If I could influence those in influence, I would multiply my efforts. When you impact a leader you impact everyone around them.
  5. It was confirmed by others. The key people who knew me affirmed that this statement accurately reflected my own identity and calling.

My guess is—you have attempted to write out your personal mission statement at some point in your past. How are you doing? Are you serious about fulfilling it? Is it accurate, reflecting who you really are—or who you wish you were?

Is it time to revisit that statement?


P.S.  If you wish to go deeper into this subject, check out: The Life You Were Meant to Live (DVD Series).

My Personal Mission Statement