More Ideas to Equip Generation iY

In my last blog post, I started a list of idea — practical action steps — you can take as you lead young people today — Generation Y, or the latest batch of Y which I call: Generation iY (the kids born since 1990). I want to continue the ideas with a couple of more below. Based on their lifestyles, I suggest we:

3. Work with them to simplify their lives.
Often, this generation will induce pressure on themselves to be perfect, all at once, in every area. They have a passion to make a difference and get all they can out of life. They must learn to simplify, figure out what really matters… and enjoy the process. Enable them to set realistic goals. You will find they often possess lofty dreams, and they need help turning them into bite-size objectives with deadlines. Don’t rain on their parade — just help them take realistic steps, one at a time toward their target. Help them set short-term goals that are achievable and keep momentum toward the long-term goal.

4. Communicate that there is meaning even in the small, mundane tasks.
Give them a sense of the big picture and how all the little things they do fit into the big picture of history, or at least the big picture of the organization. Provide a macro view in their present micro world. Provide consistent feedback, at least in the beginning of a task. Celebrate even small wins when they achieve them. Help them to determine personal achievement goals, and participate with them in a mentoring role to learn perseverance.

I’d love to hear your thoughts. Do you face challenges with students that require measures like the ones I’ve listed above? What do you do to help them with simplifying and adding meaning to their life?


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More Ideas to Equip Generation iY