Living Up to Your Name

This coming Sunday, two very good NFL football teams will square off in the 2010 Superbowl: the Indianapolis Colts and the New Orleans Saints.

Because I was born in a little town outside of Indianapolis, I usually find myself rooting for Peyton Manning and the Colts. And I still love Tony Dungy.

However, this Sunday, my heart has been turned toward the Saints. Head coach, Sean Payton, quarterback, Drew Brees and runningback, Reggie Bush have all demonstrated what life is about. Namely, life is about leveraging the platform of our career to contribute to the community in which we live. To use a cliché, it’s to make the world a better place. Each of these guys have given large sums of money back to their city. Even over the last two years, they have given money in response to the horrendous damage of Hurricane Katrina. We are talking hundreds of thousands of dollars. In fact, several of the Saints’ team members had volunteered hours, and worked in the worst sections of New Orleans in an attempt to foster hope and good will among the city’s population. It has made an incredible impression on the people there.

When Drew Brees was being courted by the Saints, after leaving beautiful San Diego, he said he felt perhaps God was leading him to New Orleans for more reasons than just building a good football team. The city needed help and hope. And he’s certainly offered it to New Orleans. It’s no wonder the city has rallied behind their team. They are more than just good players. They have shown they are good men.

May I remind you—the name of the team is: the Saints. Call me cheesy, but I love how they are living up to their name. It was a reminder to me that every one of us has an opportunity to live up to our namesake. Whether it’s a team we play for, a company we work for, a family name we adopt, names are important to our identity. Often, people change their names when they want a fresh start. Most names carry meaning. My name, Timothy, means: gift from God. My family name: Elmore, means: more of God. Hmmm. Am I living up to this name? Do I display the grace and love of the Creator in my actions? Do people want to know Him when they see me in action? Do they even suspect that I may be a “gift from heaven”? (Wow. That might just be over-speak.)

As much as I admire the Colts, this Sunday, I will be pulling for the Saints. I love the way they are living up to their name, on and off the field.

What’s your name? Are you living up to it?


Living Up to Your Name