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Leading When You Feel Like Leaving:
A Virtual Event for Educational Leaders

Dr. Tim Elmore and the Growing Leaders team invite you to attend Leading When You Feel Like Leaving  - a virtual event exclusively designed for educational leaders who work in middle and high schools.

Featured Speakers:

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John Maxwell

Best-Selling Author & Leadership Expert

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Camye Mackey

Executive VP &
Chief People, Diversity, & Inclusion Officer for the Atlanta Hawks

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Jean Twenge

Author & Professor of Psychology at San Diego State University


Dr. Tim Elmore

Founder & CEO of
Growing Leaders

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Leading When You Feel Like Leaving

2020 has been a challenging year for people all around the world, including educators. This year was full of difficult obstacles as a result of COVID-19 including virtual classes, social distancing, and navigating unique parent conversations all while trying to find ways to keep your students engaged. It's easy to feel overwhelmed and burned out in a season like this.

That’s why we’ve created Leading When You Feel Like Leaving. This virtual event will help educational leaders:

  • Understand the latest research and insights on today's students and how this global pandemic has influenced their generation
  • Discover the essential skills needed to effectively navigate the world of education in 2021
  • Reignite your love and passion for education and the emerging generation of students
  • Apply best practices to your work and your school from leadership experts

Don’t miss out on improving your own leadership ability by signing up for this complimentary virtual event.

What You Get

1 Day

Three hours of research-based sessions

Relevant Content

Learn from world-class communicators


Q&A time with each main session speaker

Action Plan

Leave this virtual event with an action plan of how you're going to apply the content

Virtual Event Details

Date: February 17, 2021

Time: 12-3 PM EST

Location: Virtual Training via Zoom

Cost: FREE