Leadership Internship: Apply Now!

Anyone Looking for a Cool Leadership Internship?

At Growing Leaders, we like to “practice what we preach.”

That’s why each spring, summer and fall, we open up a few opportunities for college students or college graduates to serve with us for four months in a leadership internship, here at our offices in Atlanta. We have hosted interns ever since our beginning in 2003, and I have led and mentored college interns for thirty years. It’s a highlight of my year every year.


During their time with us, they stay in a host home, they serve on our team and experience the events we host for educators and student leaders, they are involved with projects that allow them to utilize their gifts, such as working on a new book manuscript, organizing events, contacting partners, working on innovative marketing initiatives, research, phone conversations and more. In addition to working on real projects, I meet with interns to read and discuss books, take trips, assess strengths and participate in mentoring relationships in Atlanta.

We believe in practicing the big IDEA of mentoring young leaders:

I – Instruction – We provide leadership teaching

D – Demonstration – We provide models of real leadership

E – Experience – We provide opportunities to practice it.

A – Assessment – We provide evaluation of their strengths/weaknesses.

Do you know anyone who’d be a suitable candidate? Please share this post with anyone you know who would benefit from this leadership internship.

The application deadline has been extended to October 15.
Apply for the leadership internship by clicking here.

Leadership Internship: Apply Now!