Leadership Fail: Lessons Learned from a Sinking Cruise Ship

I couldn’t believe my eyes. I watched the news on Saturday and saw an ocean liner slowly sink into the water off the coast of Tuscany in the Mediterranean. Four thousand people have been rescued and three have been reported dead so far. The photos of the “Costa Concordia” were unbelievable. Several on board said, “It was like no one was in charge.” This is a classic “leadership fail” that we can learn from.

Here are some headlines from the disaster:

  • Passengers said it was “chaos” as crew told them: “go back to your cabins.”
  • The captain couldn’t be found at first; later arrested for abandoning ship.
  • Survivors leapt for their lives into the icy sea as the liner rolled on its side.
  • The ship was four miles off course when it hit ground.
  • The lifeboats were so pitiful, they had difficulty being launched.
  • At least three people died and many more are injured.

My guess is, you are a leader who’s experienced your own set of sinking ships. Maybe it wasn’t this severe, but things went awry and someone wanted to wring your neck. From this tragic cruise ship disaster, may I offer some leadership advice for you when you face a crisis?

1. Stay visible. Be public. Don’t run from the problem.

In this case, the captain was arrested for doing the opposite. Leaders must stay calm and model the way. People do what people see.

2. Prepare and execute a plan.

It appeared the captain and crew had no plan for such disasters and certainly didn’t execute an effective plan to help the passengers in a crisis.

3. Give clear direction to followers.

In crises, people need clarity more than anything else. Unlike the ship’s crew, offer clear and wise counsel to people on what steps to take in response.

4. Outsource what you must to furnish solutions.

Hotels and cafés offered restrooms and shelter for passengers, but it was random. The crew was not in touch with nearby establishments to care for the people.

5. Over-communicate.

When things go wrong, people are down on what they’re not up on. Keep people informed and repeat your words often. Emotions can cloud folks’ reception.

I’d like to hear from you. Are there any other lessons from this disaster? What have you learned from dealing with crises as a leader?


Details continue to emerge from this disaster.

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Leadership Fail: Lessons Learned from a Sinking Cruise Ship