Leaders Help People See the Bigger Picture

It’s true. A large percentage of foul ups in any organization occur because team members take their eye off the big picture. They get caught up in their own little department or task and fail to see how their work fits into a larger story.

Years ago, an executive at Six Flags theme park heard repeated stories of how his staff at the park were rude to the customers. A growing number of complaints came in with each week, especially comments about the clean up crew.

So, the executive did something very unusual. He went in disguise, and joined the cleaning team at the amusement park. He knew the best way to find out what was happening would be to get in the middle of it. And boy did it work.

He quickly saw the customers were right. His staff got after the guests for littering and spilling drinks. After watching for hours, it dawned on him what had happened: his team thought their job was to keep the park clean. Consequently, the patrons became the enemy. They consistently were messing things up.

Soon the executive drew up a new set of orders for the clean up staff. Their job was to please the customers.  Period. Naturally, the customers want a clean park, so the new objective kept them on the job, but the mission was far bigger—it was providing a pleasurable experience for the guests who furnished their paychecks.

Let me ask you a question. Where do your team members need a big picture perspective?  Do you need to cast a fresh vision to them? In what areas does everyone need a new lease on your mission?

Can you give it to them?


Leaders Help People See the Bigger Picture