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Know Anyone Who’s Looking for an Internship?

leadership internshipThe Harvard Business Review just published an article called, “If Unemployment is So High, Why is Hiring So Hard?” Their answer? It’s the great mismatch between skilled jobs and the talent needed to fill them. In other words, there are lots of young adults out there looking for work—but they often don’t possess the right skill set to take the important and often high paying jobs available.

A few years ago, The Telegraph carried an article saying that almost half of employers failed to fill vacancies last year because many university graduates lack basic communication and leadership skills, according to a survey of leading companies. In total, over 43% of employers said positions were left unfilled last year. Ugh. This is both sad and unnecessary.

So—let me tell you one small way we are addressing this issue. In addition to partnering with high schools and universities to build healthy leaders, we offer internships at Growing Leaders every year, in the spring, summer and fall.  College students or recent graduates come, learn some life and leadership skills, are mentored and help our organization reach our objective of equipping one percent of the world’s population, under 25 years old…to be life-giving leaders.

If you know anyone who is looking for a summer or fall internship (or apprenticeship), invite them to visit growingleaders.com/internship. They can read about the details and fill out the application to join us for a season.

We are looking for a few good students…who want to be effective in their life.

For more information about the Growing Leaders Internship, click here.


Know Anyone Who’s Looking for an Internship?